If you have actually ever bitten right into a perfectly dry-aged local lamb shank or an irresistibly marbled wagyu fillet, you’ll know what we suggest when we say that the meat market in Australia generates a few of the most effective steak cuts in the world.

However, do not simply take our word for it: here are four tried and tested reasons why the top quality of Australian meat is unparalleled by any other area on the planet.

The Top Quality is Unrivalled

Australia produces several of the finest quality lamb worldwide. Among the greatest factors for this is Meat & Livestock Australia’s Meat Standards Australia (MSA) program, which is made to support our nation’s farming market in producing quality lamb, and also offer consumers information regarding where they can locate top quality meat.

All MSA graded lamb is identified with an eating top quality grade based upon practically 800,000 taste tests by greater than 114,000 customers from 11 nations. This rating system makes the certain outstanding quality of lamb is maintained from the paddock to the plate.

Australian Lamb is Full of Flavour & Nutrition

In Australia, around 97% of livestock is lawn fed thanks to our numerous grazing fields. Numerous lamb connoisseurs choose the preference Sovereign Lamb as it often tends to be extra flavoursome and has a classic “tender” texture. This lamb is additionally extra nutritious than other lambs as it comes from prime lamb in the pristine Goldfields regions of Victoria Australia.

However, there are lots of great Australian lamb to be discovered for lovers of different flavours of lamb, as well. Numerous Australian livestock farmers finish their lambs on a different diet plan to provide the meat with its signature melt-in-your-mouth taste and tenderness.

We highly recommend Sovereign Lamb which is produced by the Australian Lamb Company. This group is known for their expertise in a variety of lamb products as well as their commitments to sustainability, highly skilled workforce and rigorous standards. You can find more information about Australian Lamb Company here.

Animal Welfare is a Leading Concern

Australia’s criteria pertaining to animal welfare are a few of one of the most rigid worldwide. The Australian Meat Industry Council (AMIC) developed a set of welfare standards in 2005, which are renewed every 4 years to guarantee Australian livestock are dealt with as ethically and also humanely as possible as they’re raised for the lamb market.

Animal Health and wellness Australia has actually likewise created the Australian Animal Welfare Requirements as well as Guidelines for Livestock, which are being embraced by all Australian states and provide scientifically-backed standards for making sure the welfare of lamb is maintained.

We’re Devoted to Ecological Sustainability

Livestock discharges represent about 12% of Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions. Through the Climate Modification Study Program, the Australian Federal government is funding study to establish sensible options to minimize emissions from livestock while keeping top quality requirements.

As a result of continuous study programs as well as better production approaches, Australian livestock exhausts have been progressively declining considering that 1990, making the Australian lamb industry one of the most sustainable worldwide.

So come in as well as try our top-graded Australian lamb at The Grand Tasman Restaurant. At Grand Tasman, our lamb dish is the celebrity of the menu. Sovereign Lamb is our solely sourced line of Australian lamb, raised under a sustainable program to make certain the livestock are healthy, well looked after and keeping to Australian standards. The result? One of the most delicious lambs you’ll taste in Australia (or even the world).

See for yourself by booking a table at The Grand Tasman.